Overwatch 2 – Personal Junkrat Guide

Tips for new Junkrats from my personal experiences over the years as my favorite dps.

Junkrat Tips

  • Always have your trap active around the maps in areas enemies may possibly roam/flank you or your team.
  • OW1 skins hide traps Better than OW2 Skins.
  • Wait/Bait out Genji’s reflect, D.va’s defense matrix, and Zarya’s bubble: Trap them and do as Much damage as you can before their cool down ends.
  • Practice your triple bomb, if you master or become decent with it, you’ll become a Skyrat/Flyingrat and have access to high places and some blind/choke points that others barely inspect. Find some spots in a private custom game.
  • Your Ult can take out Every Character with 100% health except for D.va (her mech explodes), Rien (barely lives), Orissa (Fortify) and Ram (Blocking, unless you get the tire behind his back).
  • Junkrat has the ability to Almost solo most of the cast upon all hits being direct without his Ult.
  • Always try to have 1 Bomb in your inventory for an easy escape IF you feel the need for it.
  • Abuse Junkrats passive ability as situational as you can; Upon death he’ll drop some ‘nades that does some damage.
  • Don’t always stay in one spot and hold down your trigger – mix up your bombs or fake out your bombing positioning, tricking your enemies where they think you might be at, then you get them by surprise.
  • Try your best to predict where your shots will land, knowing how far/low and where they;ll bounce will help.
  • Learn how to climb walls, jump gaps and juke attacks with Rip-Tire (Ult).
  • You will encounter other Junkrat mains. See what they do, take the matches with said enemy or friendly Junkrat’s and learn from them.
  • Pick your battles well.

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