Overwatch 2 – Competitive Tips for New or Low-Rank Players

A quick, simple guide for those in low competitive ranks (Bronze/Silver) looking to climb. I gained some of these tips from personal experience, some from online tutorials and others from fellow players. These are some of the most basic tips that everyone should know. If you’re already gold or above, this probably isn’t the guide for you.

New or Low-Rank Players Tips

Know your role

There are three ‘roles’ in Overwatch 2 – Tank, Damage and Support. All heroes fall into one of them. Each of these has a specific job and whether you decide to play a mixture of roles, or main one, you’ll need to understand the basics of those roles in order to properly assist your team. I’d recommend looking at YouTube videos for this, but on a very basic level, tanks protect the team and contest objectives; damage, or dps, are the primary damage dealers; supports, well… support the team by providing healing and damage buffs.

Know your heroes

Learning the various play styles of each hero can take time, but it will improve your overall skill – not only because you become better, but because you know what your enemies are capable of. Learning counter-picks is also a part of this; knowing which heroes will give you the advantage over others is a crucial part of playing competitively. There are many online guides and videos which give advice on how to play specific heroes and specific roles. Again, I’d recommend watching a few if you find yourself struggling.

Be aware of your surroundings

Needless to say, this is one of the most basic tips that applies to every situation. Know where your enemies are so they find it more difficult to flank you; check to see if your teammates are close by to ensure you’re not going in solo, and help others by pinging enemies. Learning maps is also a part of this, so you know how an enemy could rush or flank you – and how you can do it to them.

Assess the problems your team are having – then do something about it

If your team are struggling, try to identify the main problems you’re facing. Is Widow picking you all off? Are the enemy supports carrying the rest of their team? Are your hero choices best suited to the situation? There are a myriad of other problems of course, but identifying why your team are struggling is the first step. The next step is to act accordingly. Changing strategy, or changing hero are two of the main ways to do this.

Leading on from that, never think “I’m not the problem”. Refusing to switch heroes or try new tactics is a classic reason teams lose games. One player making a change can make a huge difference.


Ever heard the phrase ‘mics win games’? Talking to your teammates, either through voice or text chat, is essential in competitive mode. Overwatch 2 is a team game – so play like you’re part of a team. Discuss different strategies or changing heroes. If you identify a problem that is holding your team back, raise it. I’ve seen teams completely turn a game around simply because they start to communicate better

Practice makes perfect

Jumping straight into a competitive match the very first time you boot up the game probably isn’t a good idea. Likewise, playing heroes you’re not confident with isn’t going to help your team. You’ll need some practise in Quick Play before you start. Even if you’ve played a lot of competitive matches and you understand how the game works, learning to play a wide variety of heroes well won’t happen overnight, so Quick Play is the best place to try out new heroes or strategies.

Written by IzTheDaedra

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