Path of Achra – Prestige Class: Flame Knight Guide

Prestige Class: Flame Knight

Summary of the Class: I find it’s a really easy to play melee class that focuses on high damage. The main thing to focus on is the 20% extra fire damage per point in strength, as 10 strength is 200% fire damage. He can also stack inflame, which is something that you either want to focus on or completely ignore.

Summarized Ways to Build Him (That Are Realistic)

Stacking high main weapon hit and having a weapon that converts that to fire damage

This leads to a lot of one shotting but is risky to do, since you have to wait for a fire damage weapon. Overall, this leads you to one shotting things, so you can’t rely on fire healing so effectively. Also makes stacking inflame harder by most means.

Stacking slash/blunt procs with good investment on shamsar

Shamsar does 150 damage and gets accuracy/hit every level up, that can end up doing a lot of damage when you stack a lot of procs and multipliers.

Stacking a lot of inflame for armor

Given the fact that flame knight does so much damage, there is a realistic argument to not invest heavily into damage, as you’ll always do alot. And instead, build towards building up inflame to stack a lot of armor for a build that does good damage and has good defense. Just try to make sure you don’t one shot most things on spawn in, because that makes getting inflame hard. I’d recommend doing the first method of doing damage if you’re stacking inflame, else you’re just a worse Pyromaniac (Although be it, with armor).

Frenzied Chant

Frenzied Chant gives you a reliable way of stacking inflame, which makes you more defensive, but makes taking technique bad. The main bad thing about this is really that technique is better, and you have to have a god that works with this. You’ll still need to take a damage method from the first two. I’m going to make note of this because it’s realistic, but I find it sub optimal.

Powers of Note

  • Shamsar
  • Technique
  • Roil
  • Fire Familiar
  • Fire Healing
  • Astrohunting
  • Bheith Nocht*

* I’m noting that I’m not a fan of this. But if you wanna stack hit damage, it’s either this or running eris.

For Shamsar Procs

  • Might
  • Heavyweight
  • Gore Cleave

For fire Healing Procs

  • Newtform
  • Pyrokinesis

Potential Traps

  • Roil (If you’re one shotting things, you don’t get a lot of hits, so be careful).
  • Shamsar (If you’re stacking main hand hit, you might not need any extra damage if you find a strong fire weapon).
  • Stacking a lot of fire (You don’t get any special reward for having a bunch of different fire types outside of fire healing, it’s typically better to just do fire healing).
  • Frenzied chant (Unless you’re building around it, but even then, I have a hard time recommending it).

Races of Note

  • Kull (Just make sure to reduce inflex with technique and you can make use of the dodge).
  • Skeleton (Overall good).
  • Cyclops (Shamsar proc).
  • Goblin (You mostly just want dex for the speed, goblin gives you speed).
  • Ape (Reliable way to get inflame, but hates armor, which is a problem because the inflame armor is really good).

Classes of Note

  • Warrior (Starts with good armor, nothing else is good).
  • Abdi (Stacks hit for procs, and hit damage for the hit damage method).
  • Warlock (He’s a trap, I didn’t want to make a section for him. Typically you get inflames in big groups, meaning warlock typically gets 50 + 2 stacks of inflame).
  • Priest (For the reason above, just make sure you actually plan on stacking inflame though).
  • Reaver (Note worthy for stacking hit, the shrug off is only good if you’re stacking armor).

Gods of Note

  • Hadad (Mostly here for fire procs for fire healing, but Nesh Girra is good if you’re stacking hit).
  • Azhdaha (Not going to lie, I’ve never used this. But With how you NEED to build for it, you’ll be more of a drakeform user with fire knight then the other way around, requiring it’s own guide. But the damage can get high with this).
  • Eris (This god lets you get stupid high hit damage, but makes surviving hard. If you run this god, you have to make every other thought you have be built around surviving).
  • Pheonix (You have a lot of synergy with it’s DI).
  • Apophis (You’re on of the better classes to get a lot of strength on. You just have to play like you’re with the Apophis god).

I hope the above information was helpful. Happy gaming!

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