Path of Achra – Prestige Class: Gallus Guide

Prestige Class: Gallus

Summary of the Class: Gallus is a really easy to play melee class, that I get the impression is misunderstood by people. Although I do still believe he is really simple. As gallus, you benefit from everything to do with armor. Having the insane armor that gallus does gives you a lot of survivability.

Now for the part of gallus that I think people misunderstand, this prestige class is actually MORE than just armor. You have a lot of encumbrance, so you can benefit a lot from anything involving encumbrance. You can actually put points into something that isn’t heavyweight, or something involving armor.

There isn’t exactly any special way to play the class, so I’m just going to leave it with the summary and move on to powers I recommend.

Highly Recommended

  • Heavyweight (shocking).
  • Technique (With gallus, you typically have a weapon that does a lot of damage thanks to encumbrance, and can deal with inflex to get will damage bonus).
  • Might (After you find a weapon involving encumbrance you wanna use, notably procs certain weapons twice and lets you deal with dodge enemies).
  • Pugilism (After you find the gloves that effect unarmed).
  • Astrohunting (You’re a slow melee, who can actually get rid of stasis by face tanking).
  • Toxokinesis (This is a 1v1 tool to deal with tanky enemies with retort).
  • Poison Skin (With tokokinesis for healing that really helps to heal you. Does help against long ranged bullies as well though).
  • Frost Armor (The best shrug off effect, on a power, in the game).

Note Worthy

  • Roil (You do a lot of damage ON ATTACK, this means you typically one shot enemies before getting to stack on hit bonuses).
  • Cursed flesh (If you aren’t investing into poison for whatever reason, this is noteably really good for healing).


Master Freeze (You don’t want to be standing still, even if it means to heal, even if you’re getting frost armor).

Recommended Culture

Just play Volkite, I’m not kidding.

I like to sound not bias, but there isn’t any reason not to pick him. It’s the only culture to benefit from encumbrance, and the fire resist makes you counter the thing that is supposed to counter you (only enemy in the game with elemental penetration damage in the game does fire damage).

Other Inferior Cultures

  • Goblin (The increase of speed can make it to where you don’t need to put as many points into dex, saving you points.)
  • Skeleton (A lot of resists helps with other elements, but you don’t get fire resist or as much armor as Volkite)
  • Arba (You can realistically raise inflex to get super tanky, you just have to give up on technique and you have really low fire resist)

Recommended Classes

  • Warrior (Starting armor makes it the most consistent choice).
  • Peltast (Gallus does mostly physical damage, making mark really good).

Noteable Classes

Apostle + Zealout (I don’t think classes matter as much for this prestige, since stacking hits doesn’t matter as much and the prestige pretty much has everything it wants. So these are noteable general good classes that can synergize with gods).

Recommended Religions

  • Humbaba (I’m not big with Humbaba, but I’m putting him here because gallus really appreciates the healing and bleed removal)
  • Dumuzi (Makes your armor A LOT BETTER (Your armor is getting multiplied by base armor, which this increases), and gives you healing, but gives you inflex)
  • Mardok (Gives you more armor/damage/accuracy, which the class really likes, but gives up having decent DIs)
  • Phoenix (This prestige is really attribute heavy with wanting to increase strength/dex to increase min speed. This religion helps you a lot with that, but in puts you on a timer. Gallus can do a lot of damage, so he doesn’t really mind the timer so much.)

Trap Religions

  • Apophis (You’re never going to get to 100 speed, and if you did, you’re taking away the tankiness of the prestige away. In which case, just play flame knight instead or something)
  • Eris (I’m not going into depth, just pick Mardok instead for this prestige)

Items to Pick Up

  • Encumburance items and things that help armor.
  • Don’t forget to keep a strong base armor.

I hope the above information was helpful. Happy gaming!

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