Isekai: Slow Life – Guide to Earnings

General Information

You Village Earnings will determine how much gold you make per seconds. Not only does this give you a rank in the leaderboard, but most importantly gold is needed for lost of different in-game activities, like educating students. The ranking of guilds is based on the members combined village earnings.

If you go to your Home screen and press the “i” next to your earnings in the top left corner, you can see details about your current earnings, and your historical max. The historical max is only relevant for Village Earnings Rank Rush (it’s not possible to lower your score just to win Rank Rush).

Your village earnings is directly linked to the overall power of your account. Increasing your power will there by automatically increase your earnings.

Hiring Staff and Fellows

In your Village you will unlock and upgrade different buildings. You unlock more buildings the further you progress with your Stages. After you have unlocked your buildings, you will increase your earnings from them by hiring staff, upgrading their levels, and let Fellows Operate them.

Fellows can only be deployed in a building that match the same type as the Fellow itself, the only two exceptions being Mammon and Adeline. These two fellow makes a special case as they are the two only Fellows (as of April 2024) that can operate buildings of all types. These two might be the best ones to focus your operation on first, since they can be moved as soon as a new building unlocks. If you for any reason need to lower your earnings, removing the operating Fellows from your building is the quickest and easiest way to go.

All Fellows have a specific intricate gathering bonus when operating a building in the village (the higher rank the higher starting bonus). When leveled up to 50, they receive an additional earning bonus, and at level 200 they get a second one.

Each building has a limit of how many people can be hired. When you level up the building, this cap goes up.

Hiring Cards

You can use Hiring Cards to hire people in random buildings. From hiring cards the amount of hires in a specific building can go past the max cap. New players are often confused, but this is to prevent people from filling up the cheap buildings with gold and then use the cards to push free hires only into expensive buildings.


It can be easy to overlook the Farmstead since the “Tap to Collect” gives very small amount of gold, but upgrading the Farmstead gives a gathering bonus to all buildings in the village (an additional +10% per level).

Village Inn

Every time you level up one of the Menu items in the Inn, the village earning goes up. If you don’t upgrade them instantly, you can collect them and save them for a Village Earnings Rank Rush. That way you can still upgrade your Station.


Every time you beat a new level in the Drakenberg Tower Challenge, you gain an additional village earnings boost.


To improve the fellows village earnings bonus you upgrade their Operation. The Operation Skill can be found by pressing a Fellows profile. You upgrade Operation by using Study Notes, and the price of each update gets higher and higher (starts at 1 but gets to 100+ per level after a while). Since the price increases so much, it’s a good idea to spread out the Study Notes between different fellows.

Your operation level will also determine how much gathering bonus you give your whole guild in the Head Office.

The higher rank the fellow have, the higher the cap level of gathering bonuses are. Because of this, if you are pushing a fellows operation specifically for Head Office you are better of with a UR one.

Family Gathering Bonuses

Underneath the title “Skill” (please pay attention that this leads to the earning bonuses, not to the actual skill of the family member) you find 36 different gathering bonuses that can be unlocked by increasing intimacy. The most important ones to reach are the “All Building Earning Bonus”. These can be found at 100, 250, 550, 1000, 2000 and 5000. These are there by good thresholds to reach your intimacy to. Please pay attention to while student levels upgrade at 500/500, the building earning level is at 550.

To level one family member up from level 100 to 250 gives the same All Building Bonus as it is to level up one from 2000 to 5000. Because of this, you should always make sure that all of your family members are at least at 550 (preferably at 1000). It cost the same to upgrade 36 family members from 250 to 500, as it cost to upgrade 3 from 2000 to 5000.

Family and Fellows that Help Buildings:

Fishing Combination That Affects Buildings:

Fellows That Operate Better In Certain Buildings:

All Buildings:

Magic Farm Types:

Thank you for your time and I hope this little tutorial was helpful to you.

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