Doomsday: Last Survivors – Tips to Get More XP

With this tips you really can get more XP even if you’re a beginner player.

How to Get More XP

Save, save and save a lot. Don’t participate in every event or every TC. Skip some events and TCs. Focus on one particular aspect of the game related to troops.

If you keep investing in every event without being a whale, this will lead you nowhere. Even as a very low spending playery, I choose specific events to participate in.

Otherwise, I am always always, saving.

Other ways to earn XP

  • Farm hives, hunt zombies and participate in events. Exp books will keep stacking up.
  • Getting stars in early game is troublesome, that is why you should use my guide on day 3, to conserve your stars and use them efficiently.
  • Frontline – All Infantry squads are great frontliners.
  • Backlines – 1 Squad each of rider and ranged heroes. Riders = Bella + Elana / Bella + Sven / Mai + Bella
  • Ranged Squads – Lynne + Julia / Julia + Louis / Lynne + louis
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