PAYDAY 3 – Under the Surphaze Safe Location

I know you probably can’t find it. Lots of players couldn’t on first time. I’ll make it quick and simple.

How to Find Under the Surphaze Safe

It’s in the room where you access the computer from initially, right underneath the clock.

Where Is It?

It’s here. It’s right here. It isn’t marked for you whatsoever and there’s no hint that it’s there. But here it is.

That’s it. That’s a guide.

Have fun.

Egor Opleuha
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  1. Just played this map for the first time, the computer in the room said that the safe was in the very office i was already standing in, so i just checked around the edges for anything suspicious, paintings etc and it was there.

  2. I’m pissed. I solo’d stealth VH only to lose last alarm while looking. 10 bags already taken and this hidden safe. ugh. Thanks

  3. I was looking for this damn safe for about 15 minutes, thanks for the guide, otherwise I probably searched for the safe even longer

    • You must use the spectrometer to find the correct painting. Once you’ve found it, you place the USB stick into it to prevent the painting from combusting

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