Pizza Tower – How to Revive Snotty

Going for a true 100%, but found out a little too late you killed a very important character to the lore? Here’s how to bring Snotty back.

Guide to Revive Snotty


Snotty Revival Method

Unfortunately, reviving Snotty requires thorough file tinkering in order to bring him back from the grave. But don’t worry, it’s way easier than it looks.

Snotty is the green cheeseslime that spawns in the hub area of the Slum, the 4th world. Keeping him alive and beating the game is essential to getting the elusive snotty badge on your save file.

Many players often kill this little sh*tstain with little remorse, so here’s how to revive him.

Locating Your Save File

To avoid anything happening to your save file, make sure the game is closed while you do this.

Step 1

Locating your Pizza Tower save file is pretty easy.

Press the Windows Key + R to open Run, you wanna type in %appdata% to locate the Pizza Tower game folder, like so.

Step 2

You should come face to face with a list of folders for games you own.

Find PizzaTower_GM2

Step 3

Navigate through the saves folder until you reach your saveData.ini files.

Pick the file you want, they go in order from left to right on the main menu (So, savefile 1 should be on the left TV in the main menu, savefile 3 should be on the right, etc.).

Step 4

Open your save file using Notepad (or wordpad, whatever).

Press CTRL + F, and search for snotty.

You should find this variable.

Make sure its value is 0, if it is 1, that means Snotty is still dead.

Snotty Has Been Revived

Once you’ve saved your file, launch Pizza Tower and head to the 4th floor. Snotty should be alive and well, now you need to beat the final boss and do the escape in order to get the badge on your file.

But be careful…

They know what you did.

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  1. how does the game remember? i unkilled snotty but the game didn’t say anything intimidating. i want snotty to remember what i did to him

  2. For anyone wondering, to stop the game from remembering, just lower the enemy counter by one

  3. When i made it to floor 4 i killed snotty thinking he was just and enemy outside of a level. Thankfully he’s back

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