Placid Plastic Duck Simulator – How to Obtain All New Achievements

First you need both DLC “Ducks, Please” and “Quacking the Ice”.

All New Achievements Guide

Campfire simulator

  1. Select Location: Quacking the Ice.
  2. Select Ducks: Placid Plastic Duck.
  3. Wait for the duck with the flying hat to escape the pool.
  4. Press E to observe the escaped duck through the telescope.


  1. Select Location: Infinity pool.
  2. Select Ducks: Ducks, Please.
  3. Wait until the unicorn duck pops the flamingo tube.

The other 8 achievements

  1. Select Location: Quacking the Ice.
  2. Select Ducks: Ducks, Please.
  3. Just wait. That’s it!.


  1. Hot Tub, Scoring Challenge, Fun-fun-funicular, Quacking the ice and Off-piste ski can also be gotten with base game ducks. It’s only Beeline, Firequackers & Magnetic feel that requires Ducks, Please

  2. I’m only missing one achievement, which is whatever the white one is, but I’m glad to hear that I just have to boot it up and wait! I thought I was missing something!

  3. Not that you suggested it was impossible, but you can get Firequackers, Beeline, and Magnetic Feel on Infinity Cool too. I think the others might be restricted to Quacking the Ice, though I only (only) waited about 4 hours to check

  4. For `Campfire simulator` you can also click the telescope at the upper pool next to the red latern.
    There might be a preq duck but its easier just clicking the telescope.

  5. For the Beeline achievement, there’s a specific interaction between the Bee duck and the Flower Pot duck. The two need to come close to each other.

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