Potionomics – How to Befriend Every In-Game Person

How to befriend everyone in this game.

How to Max Relationship

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How time works in this game

Money is not your enemy of you in this game. Unlike how it feels, time is a limited resource of this game, and you are running against.

Each day, you are given 6 time segments, and selling potion cost 2, rank up a relationship level cost 1, and hanging out cost 1 to 4. In addition to those, walking out of your shop cost 1.

Managing your time is not only essential but a key to victory.

So, How much time do you have and need to max out all of the relationship meter?

Focus on Selling Potions on Week 1

On week 1, you have least tools to brew, only bare minimum NPCs given to you.

Just chill and sell potions. I assure you, there is enough time.

You do not have enough money, you do not have enough ingredients, you do not have anything enough. Grind money and invest in relationship only few times. Buy better Cauldron and upgrade them. Ask guild to expedite your ingredients. Add those new ingredients to Quinn. Send mint on an expedition if you can. rank up only 6 to 8 times. Focus Quinn and MukTuk. They have the best early cards. And do not forget your competition.

It is Okay to hang out with them. If you are on a high stress count, just go out and have a date. No, I am serious. High stress, which means over 15%, is dangerous. It can go out of control quick. Sleeping only decreases stress by 10%.

The Rest of the Weeks

You beat Roxanne! Congratulations! That was the hardest part.

Since you have focused on all of your efforts on collecting and discovering ingredients and selling potions, you must have enough money, and ingredients to give them.

How many times to hang out with NPCs?

  • 6 times 9 times 4 is 216.
  • You have total of 10 NPCs to date.
  • If you open the shop once a day, then you have 4 time segments left and one is lost by traveling.
  • So, you can rank up 3 times.

But you want to ask: But how do you get enough affinity with them?

Give them a gift instead. There is another guide about what is the best gift to each and individual NPCs.

Look this guide.

Now, let’s calculate again, how many times do you really have? Assuming you open the shop once a day,

3 times 9 times 4 is 108.

Even if you did not have spent any time with NPC, you have 18 time segments left to spare.

Wake up, brew potions in the cauldrons, open the shop, visit everyone and buy everything you need, send expedition, give all of them gift they like, rank up 3 times and sleep. This is your standard routine now. If you have enough money just do not open the shop and have some quality time with them

What about money you ask?

Roxanne that you beat single handily now reside on your shop’s basement, and will give you a card. Read the description. Exploit the hell out of it. It does more than what it’s written.

Roxanne’s Masking Effect

And how to make money from week 2

One thing that is weird is that from week 2, getting a custom order is no better than haggling.

Do not.

And its time to put good use in your money,

Muktuk has new cauldron to offer. Go and get them asap. Every new week, he offers better and new cauldrons. And if possible, upgrade them. The more total magimin count, the better potion’s quality. The more ingredients you put, the better the amount of potion per brewing.

Saffron offers shop upgrades, and buy more cauldron slots. Having more cauldron slots are more important than having more display. You can beat the game with just one display, but you can not beat the game with one cauldron. Also, do not forget buying more fuels.

The big lady you just beat will give you this card at the end of day 11.

Exploit this card as much as possible.

Stop buying good expensive ingredients. Instead, focus on ingredients with high magimin counts with bad traits. They are cheap compared to what they offer because of its penalties.

Roxanne’s card ignores that penalty.

Those cheap ingredients are 20~33% more dense while 10 to 20% cheaper. You can make high tier potion from early but with low cost, ignoring side effects.

In fact, by using this tactic, you gain 40 to 70% more profit per potion than using good or neutral trait ingredients.

Not only that, those ingredients have low rarity, which means you are likely to get it if from one of the first expeditions and once Quinn has hands on it, they have 10 each day.

Time to brew a lot.

But that depends on you. This card has the best design in the game. Work through it to make it powerful.

Other Tips

If you think you are having to much stress out of haggling session or a boss fight, just take a rest. Hang out with NPC one or two times. You have 18 time segments left to spare in the worst case scenario. In the long term, Saffron holds one of the best cards in the game. She makes stress management a joke.

Interest over time cards are not useful. Trust me.

I am repeating this, but refusing custom order has no drawbacks, and it gives you less money than haggling from week 2.

Do not forget about vendi the bending machine. You are selling them cheap, but you have more time.

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  1. I didn’t get the point where you said 3x9x4 but all the other guide was useful.Thankfully I replayed the game once I have beaten the Roxanne but it would be great to have a “spoiler” alert for other people. Also a question: where can I see the rank of the characters I am gifting or hanging out? Thanks for your time.

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