Project Zomboid – How to Enter Gun Stores without Using a Sledge Hammer

Quick guide to show you how to enter Gun Stores that have those pesky unbreakable metal gates without the use of a Sledge Hammer.

What You Need and Need to Know

Things you need:

  • Carpentry Level 6
  • Planks
  • Sheet Rope
  • Nails
  • Hammer

I’m not some coder and I don’t know the technical aspects of how this really works, all I know is that it works.

Buildings that have roofs that look like this:

Often have roofs that you can walk through:

This lets you build a staircase up onto the roof and a fence over an opening. You can then attach sheet rope to the fence and climb down into the building:

Which means most if not all gun stores that normally require a sledge hammer can be accessed without one:

Word of Warning:

There is no ledge when you’re on the roof. YOU CAN FALL INTO THE BUILDING. Your only way in and out is that sheet rope. If you fall into the building or for some reason decide you don’t need the sheet rope then you will be stuck inside permanently. Do not make mistakes I have made.

Notable Locations

West Point Gun Store

Louisville Army Surplus Store

Louisville Hunting Supply


You don’t need a sledge hammer to get inside gun stores barred off by metal gates. Gun stores that have locked doors and no metal gates can be accessed with a house key. To get a house key to the building all you need to do is kite zombies inside the building, kill them, and then get a bit lucky.

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