Ready or Not – Exploit Guide

Because every video game has silly things you can use for your advantage.

Guide to Exploits

Useful Exploits

  • Kicking a locked door magically unlocks it. Kick, peek, open.
  • You can jump down the elevator shaft in port hokan, your legs will take damage but you wont die, up to 3 times.
  • Switching to night vision clears any visual effects of suppression and grenades.
  • Alt + S + D goes lower than regular crouch and thus its better for looking under obstacles.
  • Low ready makes you move faster, you can bind it to a key in the options. A heavy armored guy at low ready moves as fast as an unarmored guy at high ready. Unarmored + low ready does not make you move faster. Not an exploit so far, check the next one.
  • You can aim and use low ready at the same time with the shield, you will move fast and still be able to fire.
  • Shield protects against stings and flash grenades. You will get the visual effects, but you wont be dazed.
  • Shield also protects you while it is on your back. It might be faster to bravely run away, instead of equipping it in a tight situation.
  • Try combining Alt lean and crouch in front of a mirror. For example Alt + W + Ctrl makes others see you as if you are crouched, but your eyes stay high as if you were standing. You could fire over an obstacle, and cant be hit back. Similarly Alt + S + Ctrl crouches twice.
  • Some weapons are not as short as they seem. You can measure the lengths in a doorframe, look ahead parallel to the ground against a door. Check at what degree you can fully extend while aiming. Muzzle attachments does not affect the length as of yet. SLR47 Looks short, but it isnt.
  • Two shortest assault rifles: G36 and ARN18.

Exploits Just for Giggles

  • Switching weapons and spamming left click allows you to shoot in the lobby. Works with grenades and pistols.
  • In the lobby, going downstairs (where you can fire), aiming your pistol with your shield, allows you to shoot anywhere in the lobby until you let go.
  • Quick reloading (Double tap R) with a g36 yeets the magazine quite far away.

Other Hidden Stuff

  • Dont forget to report trafficked and starved lady in the container in port hokan(Raid), you can complete the mission without reporting her. My stomach turns knowing that such things happen in reality.
  • If you have trouble finding the last couple of civilians, yell for compliance. Civilians yell back for help. Or just shoot one and fail the objective, thats faster.
  • In the lobby, drinking coffee more than 3 times makes you move exceptionally fast.
  • In the lobby, there is a police officer cap downstairs.
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