Ready or Not – OP Non Lethal Build

How to get A+ rating on any mission with non lethal weapons and arresting all suspects.

The Loadout

Some missions AI doesn’t seem to be affected by the non lethal approach so bringing a lethal sidearm may be needed.

Going Full Non Lethal

Use this build if you want to have a more difficult but enjoyable time in the missions.

Build Perks and Assets:

  • You can shoot both criminals and civilians without getting unauthorised force point deductions.
  • It won’t kill anyone unless you spam it hundreds of times.
  • Has full auto fire mode for clearing rooms quickly and safely.
  • Pepper gun can stunlock enemies preventing their escape.
  • Uses mirrorgun to check rooms for traps and hostiles before entering.
  • Heavy Armour to shrug off attacks
  • Uses either NVG goggles for nighttime and quick raids. (Can run ballistic facemask as well for more well lit missions)

Loadout List


Primary | TAC700 with flashlight

Secondary | Taser

Long Tactical | Mirrorgun


Armour | Heavy Armour

Headgear | NVGS



Tactical Devices

C2 Explosives

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  1. This!!! you’ve saved me here, i would love to see more content like this! I spent 5 hours on one mission trying to get A+ and didn’t understand why i couldn’t. Your guide just helped me do it in 30 minutes, kicking myself a little here… Awesome guide!

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