Remnant 2 – Aberrations, Simulacrum, Corrupted Lumenite Crystal Farm Solo

Guide showing easy Aberrations, Simulacrum, Corrupted Lumenite Crystal Farm. Can be done solo in around 5 minutes.

What You Need

  • Engineer Archetype.
  • Morrow Parish location in Losomn.

How to Do It

Reroll Losomn in Adventure Mode till you get Morrow Parish as your starting location.

Run through the location till you get to this gate.

Line up your turret with 3rd railing from the right.

Turn 90 degrees to the right and place your crossair on this stone.

Place the turret.

Use dodge to get between the gate and the turret.

Pick up the turret (hold W while picking it up for more consistency).

Open the shed, kill the Aberration and get the loot.

Go to Ward 13 and repeat.

Simulacrum Locations

Location #1

In she shed

Location #2

In the basement

If Simulacrum isn’t in the shed pick up the Asylum Third Floor Key.

Go to the right side till u get to this wooden gate.

Go to the basement (stairs to the left), you’ll find it at the end of the basement, in the corner.

Location #3

On the balcony

If Simulacrum isn’t in the shed pick up the Asylum Third Floor Key.

Go to the basement, take the stairs going all the way up till u find a room where u can use Asylum Third Floor Key.

After opening the door kill the enemies and go to the right. Roll through window on the right side to get to the balcony.

You’ll find Simulacrum on the right side.

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