Remnant 2 – How to Beat Sewer Boss Solo (The Bloat King)

Defeating The Bloat King

Tips that helped me solo and help others in co-op with this boss.

  • If you aren’t confident on dodging the laser but can avoid the slimes, just dodge into the sewer below, carefully choose one of the spots you can easily navigate to a ladder from, and dodge down there to have the walls block the entire laser attack.
  • The orbs are a critical weak point once cracked, I rarely shot the actual boss, and used the time it was on screen once it hit phase 2 to just reload/heal/whatever and prepared to burst the orbs down. Hunter vision mode (first power) and/or berserk are great for this, as is the gunslingers quickdraw, once the orb cracks you only have a short while before it is absorbed again so I recommend saving a weapon mod like helix rockets or any other form of high-single shot damage to hit it before it is absorbed for massive critical damage (1-2k per hit kind of damage)
  • If you only have high rate of fire weapons, you may want to get a rifle, coach-gun, or other high damage per-shot (alpha) gun for this sort of thing, but the LMG can also work especially with fire bullets or other similar damage-upping mod and hunter sight.
  • If you have gunslinger you can use it as a primary to get a full reload on a gun like the LMG for sustainability in fights like this.

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