Remnant 2 – How to Get Better FPS

Game is not optimised yet. This should make it more playable and enjoyable for the time being.

Guide to to Get Better FPS

Improving the Games Performance

Change all in-game graphics to medium.

Turn off Motion Blur.

Depending on your GPU use DLSS / FSR etc and set it to either Performance or Ultra Performance.

If you play on Linux or Steam Deck. Proton 7.0-6 works good for me, hopefully for you to. It looks like Cloud Saves are unavailable for this game so before you change Proton version back up your saves!

For me its in:

  • Home/steam/steamapps/compatdata/1282100/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/Saved Games/Remnant2/Steam/yoursteamIDnumber/

The game should now play at an acceptable FPS as long as you meet the games spec requirements.

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  1. I saw a article that says they do use Nanites, but do not use Lumen, had they do so, your 4090 would be running at 30 fps or something.

    • AppData\Local\Remnant2\Saved\Config\Windows

      There is only 1 file there and that’s GameUserSettings.ini

  2. 12900k/4090

    DLSS Quality @4k 60-80fps
    FrameGen 100-120

    Maxed, but yeh.. it is running surprisingly below what id expect vs the visual quality.
    Pretty sure DF said it does use Nanite. “Nanite showcase” actually…

    • I’m using GE-Proton 8-3 on my deck and i hold give or take a solid 30fps (some dips here and there).
      I find Intel Xe upscaling works better than FSR on both the deck and my 6600xt

  3. Their issue is that the game does not utilize (maybe due to not recognizing some GPUs) Your GPU if you have a spesific one i think.

    I have an RTX2070 and from the task manager i can see that my GPU is never under any load what so ever (1-5% usage at all times, mostly due to other programs running in the background).
    no wonder i have sub 60fps on an rtx2070 , even on low settings and only 1920:1080 resolution ( normally play all games fine on 1440p resolution and medium to high settings )

    • task manager isn’t reliable when it comes to usage. rtx 2070 here im getting around 100-140 fps depending on the area

  4. I suggest you check config files, all Unreal Engine games uses them and you could find a way to fiddle with game detail so it looks good but not hit your performance as hard.

    The game may be doing particles too hard with the fog.

  5. It’s crazy how I can look slightly to left 130fps move slightly to the right 45 fps. Hopefully this is fixed…

    • in your mouse settings, check your polling rate and try lowering it and it may help your issue.
      I had mine set to high and some games just tanked because of it.
      only had fps drops when I looked left or right.
      dropped mine to a 250 hz/4 ms. Every is better now.

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