Reus 2 – Best Combos (Symbiosis)

Guide to Best Symbiosis

Gingko + Maple Tree + Rhesus Macaque + Phosphorus

And having the Botanist as the Human Spirit. The Rhesus Macaque being the centerpiece here providing 7433 science.

Huntress Spirit + 2 Beefed up Elephants

Then I did another world using the Tagia 2⭐Apex Tree Bioticum that costs 2 with no scaling to try and maximize Diplomat Spirit bonus.

Turns out, that didn’t work so well. I think Apple or Banana land is the way to go as you can more easily pump out Biodiversity. Granted the Predator Bird that grants +2 Biodiversity is quite potent for the Tagia Tree strat for the Diplomat spam. Managed to reach about 860 Prosperity before I just couldn’t get anymore Eon.

Flower Focus Build

Nothing crazy, I just made a flower focus build work. Could be better but for a first attempt I am happy. Also kind of funny it worked so well with Solarpunk given how flowers wouldn’t do anything infrastructurally important in a true Solarpunk world.

Also big props to even adding in Solarpunk. It is still so niche but I love it and hope that is what we actually achieve for our planet as a species.

I hope you found this useful!

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