Reverse: 1999 – Guide to Farming for Materials

Farming for Materials

Insight Materials

The materials needed for insight 3 on any character is usually a long farming process that can take several days (or weeks if you exclude event and task rewards). For this reason, you should try to farm materials at stages where they are not only most likely to drop, but where you can find materials for other characters at the same time if possible.

Resonance Materials

Your primary source of resonance materials will be bought from the Mane Bank (in the main menu) using Oneiric Fluid obtained from Artificial Somnambulism and Limbo. You can also gain a decent amount of resonance materials from ongoing event shops.

You might want to prioritize getting Brief Cacophony, especially at the beginning. This will be the main hurdle in getting both your teams ready to take on high Limbo stages.

Should I Farm Wilderness Materials?

I recommend only upgrading the Wilderness to the point when you start needing Kern Madam to upgrade everything (but keep your Paleohall as high as you can get it). Once you can clear the story all the way up to chapter 5SP (the special chapter), you can focus on farming for Wilderness upgrades. At this point, your characters should be strong enough to fully benefit from the events.

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