Risk of Rain 2 – OP Mercenary Build Guide

This is a guide for what I think is the most powerful Mercenary build available.

Guide to OP Mercenary Build


This is the Mercenary’s ability that works well with this build and causes extreme damage with all other items obtained.

Gray Items

  • 1st: (9) Crit Glasses (Used for 100% crit chance).
  • 2nd: (1+) Focus Crystals (Used for high damage). Main focus of build.

Green Items

  • 1st: (Start with one, 5+ later) Harvester Scythe (Used for healing). Optional.
  • 2nd: (1) Predatory Instincts (Use only if Shatterspleen is not available). Optional.
  • 3rd: (5+) Razorwire (Used for ranged damage and extra damage). Optional.

Red Items

  • (1+) Laser Scope (Used for large damage increase).

Blue (Lunar) Items

  • 1st: (4) Gesture of the Drowned (Used for auto ability). Optional.
  • 2nd: (1) Spinel Tonic (Used for stat increase). Optional.
  • 3rd: (5-10) Purity (Used for Eviscerate) Kind of Optional.

Purple (Void) Items

These items are not at all necessary, but if you find one get the following:

  • (1+) Weeping Fungus (Used for healing) Optional.
  • (1+) Lystate Cell+Fuel Cell (Used for Eviscerate stacks) Optional.

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