Risk of Rain 2 – Ultimate God Build (Unkillable)

This is a guide on how to build your character to the ultimate, unkillable, killing machine. Did we mention you can have an infinite amount of gold too? Well you can.

God Build Guide


So for this build to exist of course you need items, who would had thought? So below this block of text here are the items that are required for your dream of ultimate power to truly become a reality.

White Items

Gasoline – Secondary Damage

Gasoline is the secondary damage dealer in this build. I would suggest at least five but you can truly carry as many as you would like.

Fresh Meat – Healing

Though your health is not what is keeping you alive throughout all of this fresh meat is defiantly something you’ll want! You will only need one Fresh Meat for multiple just increase the duration of the healing and that is no way a problem to start with.

Topaz Broach – Primary Protection

This item will be what is keeping you alive throughout the run, constantly making sure that you have a doubled amount of hit points. Starting out with one Topaz Broach is more than fine, but I do suggest grabbing an additional run at least every three stages.

Green Items

Fuel Cell – Persistence

The Fuel Cell is another item that truly makes this build. The Fuel Cell’s function in this build is that it will allow you to throw more of your equipment and get the effects rolling much sooner. I would suggest a minimum of 5 of these and a recommended amount of at least 12 for the best build efficiency.

Ghor’s Tome – Primary Money Maker

Ghor’s Tome is an item that will truly make this run easier. It will give your equipment a chance to drop treasure will will grant you gold nuggets that scale in value as you play. Later into the match you will be able to completely buy out the map without killing a single mob. Now it is important that you only pickup one of these (it will do the job.) Having too many late game will result in massive drops of treasure which will slow down your game and crash you.

Will-o’-the’wisp – Primary Damage

Will-o’-the-wisp is where 99% of your damage will come from, this will be an item you are constantly grabbing more of to keep your DPS up. There is no limit to the amount of these you want, as you start to drop in DPS you should grab another one. Note these start taking off around having five of them.

Old War StealthKit – Secondary Protection

The Old War StealthKit is not required but it is truly a life saver at times. You only need one of these as it is just a safety measure, but feel free to grab multiple.

Red Items

Soulbound Catalyst – Secondary Build Enabler

The Soulbound Catalyst is required in this build, for it is what truly breaks the run. You only ONE of this item, do not waste your additional reds on more.

Dio’s Best Friend – Fail safe

This item is not a required item but highly suggested to be bought over any other reds after you’ve obtained your Soulbound Catalyst. Though personally I have never died after putting this build together you’re defiantly better safe than sorry.

Equipment Item

Forgive Me Please – Primary Build Enabler

This equipment is required for this build to even start working. The Forgive Me Please equipment will activate all on kill effects, and get the ball rolling.

How It All Works

So you may be asking yourself, how does this work? Though it is pretty self explanatory I guess I can explain it.

So the Forgive Me Please equipment activated all on kill effects you have every 1 second for 8 seconds. So things like Gasoline and Will-o’-the-wisp will do their respective damages eight times during the equipment’s lifespan. The same goes for the Topaz Broach which give a barrier on kill. Now the Soulbound Catalyst reduces the cool-down of your equipment item on kills, so every time that doll activates so does the Soulbound Catalyst.

So after having enough Fuel Cells and throwing out enough of your equipment they will be activating all of your on kill items including the Soulbound Catalyst often enough that you can have permanent max barrier and a zero second cool down on your equipment. So basically you can infinitely throw your equipment until you crash, yay!

Written by ManKind

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