Rogue Tower – Guide to Critical Hits (Crit Mechanics)

This guide explain how the exact mechanics of crit works.

Crit Mechanics Explanatory Guide

There’s a card for getting more (tower level) chance of a critical hit.

Those cards don’t stack. The 2x card replaces the 1x card, the 3x card replaces the 2x card. So the 2x card would give a level 25 tower a 50% chance of a crit. The 3x card would give that tower a 75% chance.

But you can only get the 2x card after getting the 1x card. You can only get the 3x card after getting the 1x and 2x cards. So yes, there’s a point to getting all 3.

Also crit chance is a bit weird. It caps out at 50%, but after you get 50% chance of a 2x damage crit, you start getting chance for a 3x damage crit. And if you get 50% chance of a 3x damage crit (+100% crit chance), you start working on chance of a 4x damage crit. If you get 50% chance of that, you’re capped out.

However, if you have a Lookout Tower that has 50% chance of a 2x crit, and a ballista tower with a 50% chance of a 2x crit, and the ballista tower attacks an enemy the Lookout Tower has marked, it’s a 100% chance of crit.


  • Step 1: Roll for x4 critical hit chance. If you hit stop here and deal x4 damage.
  • Step 2: Add x4 critical hit chance to x3 critical hit chance and roll for x3 critical hit chance. Yes, you add the two together. If it hits the combined percentage do x3 damage.
  • Step 3: Add the combined x3 critical hit chance to the x2 critical hit chance. If it hits, do x2 damage.
  • Step 4: If all of the above fail, do normal damage.

What this means is if you have maxed out crit chance at 150%, you you will have a 50% chance to do x4 damage and 50% chance to do x3 damage. You will never do x2 damage or normal damage with that tower ever. This may be a bug in the algorithm, but this was found with code inspection.

So at best, you can ensure you have a 100% chance to at least do x3 damage, On average you will do x3.5 damage. If your crit was 104% your chances are 4% for x4, 54% for x3, and 42% for x2, etc.

  • Up to 50% crit, +1 Crit Percent gives you on average +1% Damage.
  • After 50% crit, +1 Crit Percent gives you on average +2% Damage.
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