Rogue Tower – Tower XP Mechanic Guide

This guide explain how towers gain XP in the Rogue Tower game.

Guide to Tower XP Mechanic

Towers gain XP simply by targeting and fighting enemies. The damage they deal to an enemy is irrelevant, only the time they spend targeting enemies. The type of experience they gain is based on the target’s current type of hit points:

  • If the target currently has shields, the tower gains shield XP.
  • If the target currently has any armor, the tower gains armor XP.
  • If the target has only health left, the tower gains health XP.

So if you want a tower to be a really good shield buster, consider changing its priorities to always be targeting shielded enemies. (this can be important even on towers like the tesla coil or frost keep which hit everything in range).

The amount of XP gained is affected by range so short range towers gain XP faster (since they cant target enemies for as long as easily as long range towers). The exact formula is as follows:

  • XP gain/sec = 0.5 + 1/(2 x range)

Considering this, they do not need to actually be firing at an enemy to gain xp. Just having an enemy in range to target is enough to gain xp even if they don’t fire. This goes for any mana consuming turret.

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