Rogue Tower – Lookout Towers Guide

This guide explain how lookout towers damage works during allack.

How Do Lookouts Work?

Lookouts add their stats to the stats of the tower dealing damage to the marked target before multiplication.

So when attacking a marked target their damage will be: (tower base damage + lookout base damage) x (tower health damage + lookout health damage).

This is assuming a hit against health of course.

Lookouts also add their crit chance (additively).


You take the damage of the lookout and it gets added to the BASE damage of the tower shooting at the enemy. If the lookout tower crits, that crit damage gets added to the base damage. So, your University bonuses are not doubled, they are squared or more.

Base damage of the lookout tower being added to the base damage of the other tower. Not its modified damage. Otherwise the equation in your quote wouldn’t make sense. Lookout Towers have very low base damage. It’s mainly their multipliers and crit chance you want.

So yeah, if you have +7 health damage from university discoveries, say, a level 1 Lookout Tower has like 10 base damage and something on the order of 7/3/5 health/armor/shield modifiers I think. But any ballista tower firing on a target marked by the Lookout tower would basically get an extra 10 base damage (Not worth a ton) and then 7 modifier levels from the university, plus the Lookout Tower’s 7, plus another 7 because the Lookout Tower also gets +7 from the University, and adds that to the ballista’s modifier as well.

So like I said, you’re getting every point of University bonuses twice, when you’re firing at targets marked by lookout towers. Plus the lookout tower’s base damage (Which is probably pathetic because they start low and cost a fortune to upgrade) and its own modifiers. And of course the added crit chance.

The point is that the interaction between Lookout Towers and Universities is awesome.

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