Samurai Bringer – Susanoo’s Status Guide

Have you found your favorite piece of equipment yet? Or are you just going for anything super tough? That’s totally OK, too. Go on and get as strong as you can!

Guide to Susanoo’s Status

Now then – have you noticed that HP and SP aren’t the only types of “status” in the game?

Attack power is not only determined by the specific skills combined, but also by Susanoo’s status.

If the passive skills of your armaments have effects such as increased attack or defense, you can actually see the status increase.

To do this, simply press the Y button on the Gear Builder screen!

This will display your current status at the bottom of the screen.

Equipping him with passive skills that enhance his attack/defense power will strengthen his original stats, so the same technique will do even more damage!

However, there are many other useful skills as well, so deciding which skills to equip can be tough…

In addition, at the blacksmith’s shop, you can strengthen two of your armaments by combining them.

This is not just a facility for attaching and swapping passive skills; in fact, when combining equipment, there is a certain probability that the resulting piece of equipment will be enhanced.

Do you see the five dots on the far right side of the equipment? This is actually the enhancement value.

When you equip an enhanced piece of equipment as armor, its defense and speed will increase; when you equip it as a weapon, its attack power will increase.

If you have extra money and armaments, try combining all kinds of stuff!

Sometimes a Brave General will drop enhanced armaments. The probability of this happening just may increase as the days progress…

Tip: You can’t unlock equipment at the base with the armaments you get from treasure chests! Do your best to defeat the Brave Generals!

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