Shadows of Doubt – Starting Tips

It’s not about how to run New Game but idk what you should do after.

How to Start

If you are starting in Sandbox mode you have no prompts or anything. You can find jobs in the city at notice boards in cafes, bars and at phone boxes.

I recommend playing “The Dead of Night” first as it has a tutorial case to take you through the mechanics.

There are no cases via the PC or anything like that. You should be able to find a password somewhere in the apartment for the PC.

Leave the apartment and head to… a diner or City Hall or something. There should be a job board with a few sticky notes, asking for anything from photography to vandalism to actual investigations.

You can also try to break into places on your own time to try to rob them – of course, that’s quite risky, but it can be fun and lucrative…

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