Shadows Over Loathing – Guide About Rocks for Rhonda Rassmussen

Rhonda Rassmussen Rocks Guide

The Subject’s Overview

You can get 3 cm rocks for Rhonda Rasmussen, by going:

  • Pound.
  • Polish.
  • Crush (twice).
  • Polish.

If you want to know the math between what all the things do then here:

  • Crush = divide by 3.06.
  • Pound = subtract by 11.
  • Polish = subtract by 1.

So that means the equation would be ((((52-11)-1)/3.06)/3.06)-1 = 3.27…

This took me 2 hours to figure out and a ton of calculations. I hate math.


This is just for those who don’t feel like randomly pushing buttons in this puzzle for 5 hours straight.

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