Sifu – Beginners Tips

Tips for New Players

  1. Try to use environment objects and melee weapons as much as you find in the locations.
  2. If you reached to a place with table or a vault object. Try to gather enemies in there and vault the tables rapidly. By this way you will confuse enemy A.I and give them delay to reaction so you can hit them freely. . .
  3. This is not a blind hit and defend game. Every enemies specially bosses has a pattern. If you learned the patterns so the game will become much easier. So try to play the game through your mind instead of your instinct.

For example first Boss is “Fajar”. His pattern is: He will jump to make a kick. After that he kicks another time. Now you should dodge this pattern and after that you can hit him until he defends. When he defended so try to stay far until he perform another pattern and you dodge it again. By this way you can finish him without losing even one age . . . . Also same as tip #2, Use vaults for first section of this boss to be able hit him easily !!

  1. I think every missions has a shortcut. Pay attention to them because they are very important.

When you reached to middle section of a chapter then you will pick a key mostly. That key is very useful for your next tries because there would be a locked door that you can unlock it. So your next tries will be much easier and shorter…

  1. Parry is the key in this game. If you are familiar with fighting games then you already know the difference between a simple defend and parry. Parry gives you opportunity to hit the enemy, So always focus on parrying instead of holding defense.
  2. Learn combo’s. Some combo’s can be deadly if you know how and when to use them. Combo’s are combination of Light attacks and heavy attacks. Also use focus mode only for giants and bosses…
  3. Final tip. The main reason for existence of this game is it’s hardness. So if you play on easy mode you actually haven’t played this game at all… Finish the main story and challenges at least on Disciple (Default Difficulty) then use easy mode to earn remaining achievements if you wish.
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