Sons Of The Forest – How to Build NPC Friendly Door (for Kelvin and Virginia)

Making a doorway for friendly NPC.

Guide to Build NPC Friendly Door

Defensive Door

Equip a stick in your hand, place it on surface of your choice in a doorway (right click to get option to place it standing up rather than making a fire). Equip your axe and simply hit it and it will become a pointed diagonal stick in the direction u hit. Repeat untill doorway is filled (pointy ends outward).

Kelvin can easily jump in and out, enemies who comes close dies.

Players can knock the sticks down so make a rope bridge or similar entrance for yourself. To the left in the picture i have a small rope bridge with stairs on the inside and a wall with a climbing rope on the outside.

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  1. I confirm that, at the moment and before patch 02, the collision system for most cannibals works: placing a floor under the sticks makes it slightly higher, and cannibals are stopped by this simple step currently above their AI. Not stopped for most of them if placed directly on the floor (reinforced or not by stones).
    However, 1 cannibal destroyed it: this red fat naked cannibal, who dived on it stomach first, missing me in the process but flattening the defensive sticks!! Lesson learn: stay polite with this guy…

  2. sometimes running cannibal will jump right over sticks. I wonder if that platform makes them climb up the platform then get hit. Instead of jumping right over the sticks

    • Yeah i’ve noticed now enemies can jump over the sticks sometimes on other entrances, this one with the single floor under it seems to prevent them from jumping over though 🙂

  3. Didn’t bother putting the platform there first, just sticks in the ground. Works great so far.

    • Note: If you place them on the ground they need to be reinforced by rocks or they just get knocked down.

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