Sons Of The Forest – How to Regrow Trees

Regrow the forest like you never touched it. Bring back every single tree and bush.

How to Regrow Trees

You’ve just cut down a few trees and bushes, sadly they will stay chopped of. With a quick and easy workaround, you can bring the whole forest back to life. Just follow these simple steps.

Works both, on multiplyer and singleplayer!

  1. Save and close your game.
  2. Open your save file. You can find it at “\AppData\LocalLow\Endnight\SonsOfTheForest\Saves\XXX\Singleplayer\XXX”.
  3. Open the “WorldObjectLocatorManagerSaveData.json” file (you can use the standard notepad).
  4. Remove the whole content and type in the code below.
  5. Save the file and hop in to the game. The forest will now be like you never touched it.
{"Version": "0.0.0","Data":{"WorldObjectLocatorManager": "{\"Version\":\"0.0.0\",\"SerializedStates\":[],\"SerializedName\":\"WorldObjectLocatorManager\",\"UniqueFile\":true}"}}


You can open your AppData Folder by writing %appdata% in your windows searchbar. This will open your AppData\Roaming directory, so just click on “AppData” in the adressbar.

If you are not sure which of the save files is the correct one, you can just save the game again and check the “last changed” directory.

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  1. Are you sure they don’t regrow cause I have definitely had some trees come back in my current game maybe the length of time for regrow is just super long? they might’ve came back from a bug with Kelvin… He was the one how cleared that area of trees while i sent them down zip lines.

    • im 100% sure, there is (right now) no script in the game doing it. However, didn’t tested it with trees which got chopped down by Kelvin or other AI’s.

  2. Just delete it and it will all come back… however trees will grow through your house if you built it in such place, I think trees regrow naturally in other places but it takes a while

    • I would never recommend to just delete files. Even if it does not do anything bad yet, it may do in the future. I’m past 1000 days and the tree I chopped of on at day 1, did not regrow. None of the trees.

  3. So if I cut trees down, put a house down over it, and do this, will trees be sprouting up through my house? Playing MP with family, by the way, so I won’t ruin it for anyone else. xD

    • Yes this could happend. You can play around with the last few words i added unter the “If you know about JSON or programming in general” part and try to avoid it.

    I cannot thank you enough!
    I think my game was bugged.
    After clearing the S/N’s, not only did trees grow back, but now I am seeing for the first time mushrooms and fireweed in places I have been many many times! Never once saw those before clearing this!
    Thanks so much!!

    • Hope you see this but herbal plants and fungi are seasonal in game, so where you find one thing growing you may not when the season changes. I know this because in MP my friend is in winter and I am in summer- some stoopid glitch but I’ll tell him there’s ‘X’ here but he cant see it as its not there in winter and vice versa. Lest that’s the conclusion we jumped to lolz.

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