Sons Of The Forest – How to Build a 100% Safe Base Inside a Bunker

Safe Base Guide

Build inside a bunker. 100% safe. Has pre installed 3D-printer too and offers a sleeping and safe station.

Also repawns batteries and food and printer inc and other ♥♥♥♥ for free each time you begin playing again. All the good respawning loot is in bunkers with very few exceptions.

So yes. Safe heaven is totally possible currently and its easier and faster to make than ever. Just stuff wall torches everywhere to light it up fully. They are cheap to make under fixed blueprint option. Jus thalf a stick and 1 cloth. So 20 sticks and 40 cloth = 40 infinite burning torches. Thats more than enough.

You are protected from weather and cold. Seasons dont matter in there. Enemies dont matter . And requires less stuff to build in.

Place down drying racks etc and the storage you need. Enough space.

Islands are not safe. Enemies can spawn anywhere now. They are scripted to spawn where most of your logs are. Caves and bunkers excluded.

They cannot spawn over water sources tough. Which leaves only the frozen lakes in winter. But during winter enemies can just walk over to you still. So not fully safe either.

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