Limbus Company – How Targeting in Human Fights Works

The game’s tutorial does not explain this so I’ll share what I’ve noticed.

How Skill Order at The Bottom Is Determined

This might be relatively obvious but I might as well explain along the way

Each identity has it’s own speed value range that can be seen when inspecting them

Each turn the sinners get a randomly picked speed value from their individual speed range and are ordered accordingly, with the slower sinners being in the front and speedier ones staying in the back

Their skills are ordered as well, with the speediest sinners having their skills on the left of the chain and the slowest – on the right

How Skill Targets Are Determined

For simplification’s sake imagine that the enemy team has their skill slots connected in the same way yours are

Your left-most skill targets the left-most enemy skill slot, followed by the second skill targeting the second slot and so forth, wrapping back to the first enemy slot if you have more skills than they have slots, going through all the slots in a row again

However, if the determined order does not work out the way you would like, you can slightly offset it using defensive skills

Using these will make your next skill to the right target that same slot instead, so a sinner unprepared to clash against a powerful enemy skill can relay the job to another sinner who may have EGO prepared.

In this example, Outis is forced to clash with an attack that she has both poor chances of winning against and is vulnerable to.

However, by using a defense skill, she can avoid provoking that clash and forward it to Meursault, who has much better chances.


Well, truth be told I’m not yet 100% certain on a lot of the specifics of clashes, but I might update this later

For now, all I can assure you of is that only the first run through all of the enemy skills will force them to clash with a sinner, after looping around all of your other attacks are guaranteed to be one-sided. So, treat your fastest sinners as the defenders / clash-winners and treat your slowest sinners as the DPS of the team (Mexican Sinclair especially benefits a lot from one-sided attacks)

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