SpellForce: Conquest of Eo – Best (Useful) Glyphs

One of The Best Glyphs

One of the best glyphs is vampire (heal for 50% damage done), which is uncommon (green) bar with 2 death triples. + the Rhino one (can stun enemy on hit) + the one that lets you retaliate for free. Really good on some of the stronger melee units.

  • Rhino(can stun on melee attack) = sky iron + 6 blue and 3 orange.
  • Guardian (lets you retaliate and attack of opportunity for free) = adamantium + 3 orange, 3 purple and 3 blue.

Another one I found useful, is the Ashen one. That gives +10 elemental damage. That one is adamantium + 6 purple and 3 orange

Some More Useful Ones:

  • Swordmaster = corrupted adamantium + 6 blue and 3 green — gives + 1 attack but cant use abilities
  • Elementalist = sky iron + 9 orange — +5 elemental damage and makes all your basic attacks elemental
  • White mage = sky iron 6 green 3 blue — same as the above, but with white magic.
  • Guardian (is an armor to equip) — Sky iron + 3 orange 3 purple and 3 blue

Some Tips:

  • Always craft something, even if it’s runes you won’t be using.
  • Graverobber runes can be used to make some easy vampiric runes. So if you have ‘copper’ and ‘remains’ left, make some of those. (graverobber = copper + 3 remains, so). 1 sky iron + 3 graverobber runes = 1 vamp rune.
  • There is also a rune that lets your units resurrect after combat (if you win). It’s 1 corrupted adamantine + 6 purple I believe. Handy for squishy utility characters.
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