SpellForce: Conquest of Eo – School Spells Guide

All researchable spell from each Spell School.

List of All School Spells

All credit goes to Schutzengel!

Custom Mage Explanation

How the system works:

  1. Selecting a School for both Primary and Secondary School unlocks all 3 Spell Pages of that School in your Grimoire. I call this “School Mastery”.
  2. Choosing different Schools, for your Primary School unlocks the first 2 Spell Pages, and for your Secondary School unlocks only the first Spell Page in your Grimoire.

E.g. default Alchemist

  • Primary School: Nature > unlocks Nature Spell Pages 1+2.
  • Secondary School: Enchantment > unlocks Enchantment Spell Page 1.

School – Death

School Mastery – Death

School – Earthmaster

School Mastery – Earthmaster

Shaper Secret

Lower left “spell” on spell page.

Shaper Location

These notes by my master are purported to show the location of a lost Shaper ruin awaiting exploration (spawns 1x Shaper ruin on map).

School – Enchantment

School Mastery – Enchantment

School – Guardian (= White Magic)

School Mastery – Guardian

School – Mentalism

School Mastery – Mentalism

School – Nature

School Mastery – Nature

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  1. with one shapers ruin left on the map and shapers secret not yet cast, I have
    4 death ; 3 earth ; 3 mentalist ; 2 guardian ; 2 nature ; 4 enchanter
    so if I get two more that will be 20 pages.
    However one of the guardian ones is just two spells I bought in sevenkeep, and where other pages have question marks for as yet undiscovered spells this one doesn’t, making me think I can’t just research the other spells on that page, it’s the first page, and I received the second one normally.
    Similarly I got primordial forest in Alluvyan quest but than I got the page proper some other way I think because there it’s normal.
    Two death pages are from beating circle mages, necromancer and demonologist.

  2. There’s also 4th pages, with summon t4 titans and other (less) powerfull spells.

    With all that talk about mentalism – well, you can apply glyph with “follower” effect.

  3. my guardian/earthmancer alchemist has:
    4 guardian
    3 earthmancer
    2 enchantment

    week 20 and ive got 3 Shaper ruins visible

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