SpellForce: Conquest of Eo – How to Get High Tier Units

Please note: all credit goes to Flea_market !

High Tier Units

You get most units from cities or by summoning.

Besides that you can build some buildings that let you hire units in your tower, or if you have a recruitment spot inside your domain.

The city in the center also lets you hire their tier 3 unit in your base after doing some quests for them and talking to their king(or w/e he is). At least, that’s the only tier 3 unit I can recruit in my base atm. Not sure if other cities let you do the same.

The only tier 4 I’ve got is the shaper golem(it’s a summon). It seems beyond broken. Just slap a lifesteal rune on it, give it some buffs and it literally solos entire armies — including enemy titans.

Wisps got nothing on earth shapers with 100% elemental resists and 50% physical.

Tier 4 are summons, tier 3 can be hired from locations or even in tower with extensions.

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