Stacklands – The Infinite Food Machine Glitch

I found a way to make infinite food with no labor.

Guide to Infinite Food Machine

How It Works

When you cook 2 eggs, you get a omelette, a food source with 3 nutritional value.

But I found a way to produce infinite eggs, thus making an ever growing food machine.

This is based on the chicken stack glitch.

Step 1. The Chicken Factory

You start by producing infinite chickens.

Thats easy. 1 chicken with 1 egg produces another chicken in about 2/3 days.

This can be made very early in the game, since it doesn’t need the animal pen (it just contains the animal so it can’t bounce all over the place, but it isn’t needed).

Step 2. The Chicken Tower

That’s where the crazyness starts to happen.

With a chicken and two eggs, you can now make a chicken tower, stacking one more chicken to the pile.

  • First step is to make a stack with two eggs.
  • Getting the eggs stacked first is essential to its working, since you can’t put another egg in a chicken+egg pile.
  • Then you put the egg stack to the chicken pile.
  • Remember that you can stack a maximum of 10 chickens to a pile, following this pattern.

Note: A stack of chickens can’t reproduce. So you need to reproduce the chickens separately.

Step 3. The Cooking Station

Cooking the Eggs takes no labor.

It just takes two eggs and a stove/campfire to make an omelette.

So you can have less adult villagers in general, as you no longer need to forage for bushes or trees.

I personally make the cooking station using stoves, as they are faster, but a more economic/early-game way is to use campfires.

The Stoves/Campfires try to spill the omelettes to the nearby stack.

Thus by making they side by side, they will start spilling the omelettes in one stack, rather than spilling it out all over your base. So I strongly recommend you to make them as close as possible.

Egg Madness

Selling all these omelettes is just… crazy.

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