Starfield – Collection of Useful Tips and Tricks

Did You Know…

  • That selling planetary analysis to certain vendors are more profitable (i.e. Vlad from Constellation)?
  • Asteroids can be mined for resources and sometimes even drop items?
  • Chests have a green light if they are not empty…
  • The ingame screenshots you take are saved and then used during loading screens (see screenshot above)?
  • Quick access to ship inventory by going to the menu (TAB) then on the ship in the menu and pressing F?
  • Ships can be renamed in the ship editor checkout tab.
  • There are 3 types of medpacks with different regeneration levels, but food heals instantly and also gives buffs (e.g. XP buff!)?
  • In the ship editor exists a context menu. Hover over the snapping point and press G to show only suitable parts.
  • As mentioned in the tutorial, when keeping your ship’s speed indicator in the white zone provides the best maneuverability?
  • You can sleep/wait for 48 hours for a vendor’s stock to be replenished?
  • You can fast-travel to your ship from anywhere by opening your scanner (F) and local map (G) and pressing R.
  • When placing items (hold E) you can change the axis of rotation by pressing Shift twice on PC.
  • You can rename your outposts by approaching the base beacon and press R.
  • There are blast doors that can be cut open with your cutting/mining tool?
  • You get an XP bonus after sleeping at least 1 hour?
  • There are 4 types of items besides rarity rating? These affect the given base values of the items and are called “normal”, “calibrated”, “refined” and “advanced”. Advanced being the best of all.
  • Your companions have “unlimited” ammo if they have at least 1 bullet for their weapon in their inventory? This also applies to grenades that you give them. Make sure they are equipped too.
  • Materials have 4 tier levels marked with little stars?
  • You have a safe with no weight limit in the room assigned to you in New Atlantis by Constellation?
  • You can complete the “kill x ships” challenge in the simulator room in New Atlantis?
  • You can use your companions as mules by giving them heavy objects.
  • You can quickly access your ship storage when it is nearby by pressing TAB, clicking on your ship and pressing F.
  • The small icon on loading screens symbolizes your leveling progress with small stars instead of numbers? (see screenshot above).
  • You can delete a base by approaching the base beacon and hold R.
  • You can use your cutter in combat with infinite ammo in the first levels?
  • Ships can be sold through the shipyard service.
  • Stolen goods are marked in red, smuggled goods in yellow.
  • You can quickly access the outpost build menu by opening your scanner (F) and pressing R
  • You can identify remote POIs by pressing E while hovering over the icon. This is independent of your scanner range!
  • That your chosen background directly affects various dialogue options during gameplay?
  • That your companions’ skills add on top of your own skill level?
  • That you can turn your helmet on/off automatically when you switch that option on (T) in the helmet menu in your inventory?
  • You can use your scanner mode on the ship to see distant jump/travel points and initiate a jump from the cockpit by pressing R?
  • You can call other random ships in space and most of them will trade with you?
  • That there is always a ship cargohold access and a captain’s closet in every cockpit in the game? Don’t miss to loot these when you boarding a ship!
  • You can sell contraband at each Trade Authority outpost/terminal if you made it through security scan?

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