Starfield – Difficulty Tips

Simple, to the point guide on difficulty settings.

Tips to Difficulty

The Ratings

Ratings: Very Easy / Easy / Normal / Hard / Very Hard

How to adjust settings:

  • These can be configured during gameplay at any time.
  • Menu > Settings > Gameplay > Difficulty

Affects of Difficulty Rating

  • Aggressive tactics of AI.
  • Health pool.
  • Damage scaling.
  • Spawning chance of Legendary Enemies – (Loot consideration).


  • None of the achievements seem to be affected by difficulty rating.
  • Difficulty can be adjusted during gameplay.

Thoughts of Interest and Conclusion

  • Legendary Enemies mean better drops, consider this when reducing difficulty.
  • Since you can scale on the fly, Arguably the “Easiest” method would be to start on Very Hard, and scale back as you play through. By having more legendary loot tables, you will get more powerful items and as you scale back, you will be equipped well while the enemies reduce in difficulty.
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  1. Very hard ship battles are near impossible, specially in the beginning. If 3-4 pirate ships attack, you will last less than a minute.

  2. Wait for a few weeks folks, and we will be able to download mods to change the gameplay on 100 ways… Including the ones, which can affect the difficulty of the game.;)

  3. Shame aggressiveness can’t be cranked up with health pools staying at other levels. Tanky bullet sponge enemies are no fun, but the AI feels very passive often.

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