Starfield – Equalize Generator Power to 60 Kilowattz

There’s a quest where you have 4 attempts to equalize the generator power to 60 Kilowattz. As there were no other guides online when I searched I figured it out myself, and made this.

How to Equalize the Generators

So you have this quest? Then you are already at the quest area so no need to mention where that is.

Head inside the building where there will be a computer.

Once you open it you will see the KiloWattz level of each generator.

  • A: 50
  • B: 90
  • C: 40

First start off with transferring 20kW from B to C

It should become:

  • A: 50
  • B: 70
  • C: 60

Now, move on to the next and transfer 20kW from B to A

It should become:

  • A: 70
  • B: 50
  • C: 60

Now transfer 30kW from A to B

It should become:

  • A: 40
  • B: 80
  • C: 60

Lastly transfer 20kW from B to A

It should become:

  • A: 60
  • B: 60
  • C: 60

And Voila! You are done with the Puzzle. Congratulations, and have a great journey onwards explorer


  1. Hello- I’m still a novice gamer. I’m trying to do this quest but the door is locked and I don’t have any digipicks to get to the computer. Do you know a way to get past this part?

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