Starfield – Faster Way to Level Up Fitness

Fitness Training

This is just something I’v noticed and im sure it will help out people to lvl up Fitness

Hate it or love it it is what it is:

  1. Make sure your encumbered.
  2. Make your way to 1st main city.
  3. Run around like crazy to use up all Oxygen.
  4. Use a tube train to travel any where.
  5. Once your there the is no cool down on Oxygen its all refilled.
  6. Use a tube again.
  7. Rinse and repeat!


  1. There is a faster way:

    – Make sure your encumbered

    Go to your room in the Lodge, stand next to your bed and run facing the wall, as if it were a treadmill, when you use both oxygen meters and start to lose life, just sleep for an hour and continue running.

  2. Is this skill bugged for anyone else? Tried this method, starting with a full bar, running till O2 depleted and CO2 filled to begin damaging health, but didn’t get any challenge progress.

    • do you have the skill unlocked though? cause works perfect for me.
      My char skill tree is Soldier so the lvl 1 is auto unlocked for me

      • Other users were having the same issue as me, a reddit thread had a work around.
        It must be done on your ship, while in orbit (not landed) then suddenly it works.

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