Starfield – Getting Easy Credit Early On

A guide to help new players to get some easy credit early on.

How to Get Credit Easy (Early Game)

Traveling to Nesoi in the Olympus System

I recommend that you travel to the planet Nesoi in the Olympus System, it is somewhat close to the starting area and you can easily jump here from the start of the game in the starting ship.

Once you’re here you’ll see this big green planet but you’ll also see this huge, abandoned sort of space station called The Almagest, this is the casino we are going to. Now there is a few enemies on board that you’ll need to kill but simply just go up to the space station, dock and go inside. Most of the space station will be in 0G (zero gravity) so expect zero G combat, once you’re inside make sure to dispatch of all of the enemies and loot each one.

The Managers Computer

If all the enemies are dead, you need to go to the middle area of the casino, in this area there will be a little sort of control room station and inside there’s a bunch of loot. Look inside the containers, (some of it you can lock pick certain containers) but the main thing we’re looking for is the computer called “The Managers Computer” now on this computer there’ll be a jackpot combination.

You need to make sure you write these numbers down, I don’t know if this is exactly the same for everybody but the code is 12, 19, 36, 5

Simply just remember these number and we’re going to be heading down near these big golden vaults, down here and behind one of these vaults is a secret stash with a bunch of contraband items and all of these items you need to sell for a ton of money.

What we’re after is the jackpot on the PC and the items. By simply just entering the code that we found earlier in the Managers computer and it will give you a bunch of credits, this isn’t a ton of money but the main money here comes from the contraband items we just took.

So What Is Contraband Items?

It is basically items you will get stopped for if you get caught by the authorities. It’s mainly stolen stuff and it’s indicated with a little yellow icon next to it. So if the authorities catch you with this they will take it away from you. Basically it’s stuff that is illegal to have on your ship/ships. All the major settlements have security ships that are orbiting them and will scan your ship for contraband items and they wont allow you to land before the scan is complete.

You have a chance of smuggling contraband items past them but if you fail to do so, you will be arrested and all the stuff will be confiscated. So you need to be really careful whenever you’re jumping to galaxies, I would recommend as soon as you get this stuff go straight to a place called the Den. It’s located in the Wolf System known for its bright red star.

The contra band items are indicated with a tiny yellow square.

The Den

The Den it is in the wolf system and this is one of the very few places that will accept contraband items so come over to the Den which is located in the Wolf System it’s literally right next to Alpha Centauri to know you’re in the right place when you see this big red sun and there’ll be a planet next to it called Etherea.

There will also be a little space station called The Den, that’s we’re heading so simply go to the space station, dock and head straight to the trade authority and sell all of your contraband items until the vendor runs out of money and then simply wait to refresh the vendors credits.

All you need to do is sit in a chair/bench and wait about 48 hours and it will refresh their money, keep reselling your goods by doing.

Using this method you can about 50 to 150K credits in the first few minutes of the game.

You could also get some really rare items as well in the casino if you’re able to pick lock the chests so I recommend you try and do that as well.

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