Stormworks: Build and Rescue – How to Perform Stealthy Explosive Torpedo Attacks

Guide inspired by how to commit a war crime.

Guide to Perform Stealthy Explosive Torpedo Attacks


  1. Get a vehicle of your choice that can fire torpedoes.
  2. Find a target if you want to do a war crime find a hospital ship.
  3. When you are near the target you might want to dive if your playing multiplayer optimal if your using a torpedo boat.
  4. If your on a submarine aim your periscope and when you think the aiming is right if fire if your not using sonar torpedoes.
  5. Fire every torpedo you have at them until you kill their propulsion and then use surface and fire your deck guns at them.
  6. Hide very fast before anybody notices by driving away in your torpedo boat or diving.
  7. Lock your door so nobody can find you.
  8. Before that admire your work and watch everybody on that ship suffer before driving or diving away.

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