Deep Rock Galactic – Building Tips

These are mostly building tips.

Tips to Builds

Minigun tips

Note that displayed ammo and ROF are to be halved if you want to damage calculations for comparison with other weapons.

  • Shoot praetorians in the mouth. Their butt (weakpoint) is 1x damage and minigun doesn’t have any weakpoint bonuses to capitalize on shooting the butt, so shooting at the mouth and shooting the butt are the same.
  • T1: Accuracy is generally considered the best T1 mod. Though you can spec one of the other two if you’re not too concerned about range and want either ROF. (Cooldown is QoL and generally doesn’t provide and damage increase.)
  • T2: Ammo and Damage have roughly similar total damage output. Generally, pick damage.
  • T3: Use pierce mod so you can hit 2 targets at once if they are in a line. Other mods on this tier are also up for consideration, armour break is yet another popular option. Stun is the least popular, but sees use in specific builds meant for crowd control.
  • T4: Lighter Barrel Assembly for faster spinup is considered the most popular option. It gets you to max accuracy faster.
  • T5: Your choice between setting things on fire at range and making it visually easy to see when you are going to overheat, killing things to cool down your gun… Or setting lots of things on fire, fearing them and reducing your forced cooldown on overheat.

Autocannon tips

  • T1: Any of T1’s mods are good. In general, lock ammo until you get a good feel for the weapon. Or don’t, because ammo is just as good as the other mods. Note that magazine size provides 110 extra ammo.
  • T2: At the very least, pick one of the ROF-related upgrades. One gets you to max ROF faster (goes well with T5 mods), the other gives you MORE max ROF. Accuracy is a noob trap, and is pretty bad 90% of the time.
  • T3: Pick any of these, though generally you will want to pick one of the damage mods.
  • T4: Pick Armor Break if you picked direct damage in T3. Pick AoE radius if you picked AoE damage in T3.
  • T5: Fear CC is generally considered some of the strongest CCs in the game, so are any mods that cause it. Alternatively, if you like keeping your bugs in one group to work them with AoE, pick one of the other mods that activate on max ROF (one is defensive, one is offensive).

Hurricane tips

  • Build this however you want as the weapon is well balanced in terms of mod spread, though I’d highly advise building T5 Stun. Just the best mod on that tier.
  • Avoid using T5 Napalm Infused Rounds, as that requires a specific builds to work, usually involving OCs and/or picked for specific missions involving robots.
  • Avoid Nitroglycerin Compound. It was a silly idea the devs made while drunk and only people who are drunk play around with it. The miniscule damage it provides isn’t worth the time investment, even on the build where it would do best.

Bulldog tips

  • It has 60 base damage, which is good. Generally try to stay with that number to start.
  • Do not pick damage mods with explosive rounds. It divides the value of damage mods while adding a flat amount of explosive damage in return. Instead pick ammo mods.
  • Yes, Neurotoxin Coating works with Explsive Rounds. Go ham.
  • Weakpoint Damage works well in conjunction with accuracy mods.
  • I have never heard of anyone using Super Blowthrough rounds.

BRT tips

  • Pick whatever, as there is not wrong build with this weapon at base or with most of its OCs.
  • Usually built with weakpoint damage and/or 6-round burst in order to DPS down priority targets.
  • Serously, no wrong builds.

Coil gun tips

  • This is a CC sniper rifle.
  • Pick Electric Trail in T5. That is the only rule.
  • Ammo and Reload Time are generally good starting point for learning the weapon. Otherwise, T1 and T2 are your most important build decisions.
  • Stun CC is for damaging things that come in contact with the trail and DPSing them with the trail.
  • Fear CC is strong defensively. It also works really well in Mactera Plagues. Generally preferred unless depending on the damage trail.
  • Recommended to bring the Born Ready perk so you can swap to it, shoot it then swap back to your primary weapon.
  • Builds are highly dependent on OC, especially in regards to T1 and T2 mods.
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