Stranded: Alien Dawn – Best Seed List (Updated)

List of Best Seeds

  • FOLD-BUY: Crash into the base of a rock, and there is a medium sized, flat, open plateau that spreads out from that point, closest nest decent distance away. Everything is within walking distance, with tall grass (wheat) the furthest away but still not bad.
  • CITY-HAT: Starts you off in a relatively small area on a mountainside, no spikey-bois anywhere near, plenty of animals and resources right by the starting area, including an entire forest. Also like 4 or 5 debris chunks crash all around you. OP EDIT seems there’s no “tall grass” in this map area
  • JUMP-JACKET: It has good resources all around and lands you near an interesting huge “arch” stone formation that can serve as a cool main entrance to your camp. No nests nearby either. OP Edit: for me there was one nest pretty close
  • FLORA-FAUNA: It’s really mountainous, but almost completely deciduous (leafy) forests. The whole map is pretty good, but I settled on the far far side after bumping against a lot of walls. There was a little lake there and weird rock formations that sounded creepy with wind. The trees seem different from ones I’ve encountered on other maps. It has more of the alien planet vibe.
  • DRAGON-FLY: Odd because it was so flat, and the entire map (that I encountered) was the 100% soil. So, one for the farmers.
  • ABC-ABC: Very interesting part of the map, really cool rock formations, and I think the definitive winner for hardest landing.
  • HIGGS-BOSON: Gives a nice area next to the crash site where you have a cul de sac of impassable stone you can build up to giving you a very safe back yard of sorts. Lots of stone but not much food or hay. You’ll need to plant right away and hunt big horn. Bugs will supply you for a while.
  • INSIDE-ANGER: Has large open spaces great for farming as well. Blueberry, grain, hay, rocks and ores nearby. It’s perfect for starting crew of farmers.
  • LLL: Nice spot on lake, all materials near by. Got another survivor Laara in the first week.
  • SURVIVING-MARS: Try this one if you want a challenge. Not a lot of flat and fertile land around to build near your crash site and worse yet, the third spaceship debris that comes crashing down in the beginning lands right next to you, making even less land fertile. Certain resources far away or not available at all in immediate area.
  • I love my Wife 2: Places you in a valley between two large hills. You land by the water for you beach front property needs. Plenty of nearby resources in the valley as well.
  • CALM-TUNE: You will get Krista as an additional survivor when clearing the spaceship debris around the crash site. Also, start with a research desk and lighting rod… OP NOTE: I got someone different, but he’s not kidding about the lightning rod, geez lol
  • PEACE-CALM: Gave an interesting start. I am playing through it now, but it places you on a strip of land with a satellite crash on the north, a large body of water on the east, a path to some herbivores to the south, and a small plateau/mountain range to the west, which provides some natural defense planning. There seems to be a path up the plateau to the south, plenty of trees on the west as well. OP NOTE: pretty interesting! Nest nearby.
  • NET-SAMPLE: For the win — see this image see any animals …no thought so :} OP NOTE: large, flat, open area but with some trees.
  • SUGAR-TIME: Spawns you right next to a massive ravine that could act as a choke point somehow, very hard to work with though. OP NOTE: A challenge perhaps?
  • ALIEN-VERSUS-PREDATOR: You crash up on a decent sized plateau, decent amount of animals and resources around…pity about the 6-7 nests nearby OP NOTE: Yikes
  • CREDIT-STAR: Lands you near a big lake and apparently there is a small strip of land in the water you can build on, which can be handy if you want to make a coastal base with chokepoints.
  • NERVE-WASH: Is my current map, lands you on a plateau type area, all loam soil around great for planting, beefberry, buttermelon, grain grass, skinbark, tube plants, ore, pretty much everything within walking distance, just havent found that root yet, plenty of animals too and a nice view over the cliff
  • PLENTY-BROWN: You start on a flat plateu like mounten top. -It is very flat and plenty space ti build. -You have enough Berrys to build you whole base with them -A lot of Wracks to loot. -A lot of animals arround -the whole Plateu is surrounded by trees -Mushrooms and the Jelly Plant (forgot the name) are close enough, Skinbark is a bit further away -Silicon Flower right there -Fertility is decent, at the sides of the mounten perfect -Some stone also nearby
  • POP-AMOUNT: Starts smack right down on a beach of a huge lake, most mats around, cant find cotton thou.
  • HULK-HOGAN: Crashes you almost into a small lake/pond.
  • MINE-CRAFT: If I remember correctly crashed you into a rock formation.
  • VALHEIM: Which actually was a nice location as most resources are in really close proximity to the starting location.
  • GRAND-CANION: This map have good places for defenses. Near the crash you’ll find every thing you need to play. Good food, a small lake in the center, and close to a nest.
  • BREATH-HORROR: A Dragonface looking like rock is right beside the start
  • HOLD-GATE: Very flat and lots of 100% soil, so one for the farmers, and anyone wanting to build big. Crash site is next to a small ravine, full of Heptagonia. Trees and bushes (for sticks) a short walk away along a much larger ravine/valley, that also has mushrooms. Lots of rock chunks. Lots of starting plants near. Main downside so far, so new survivors, and I’m at Year 2 Day 12. OP NOTE: Edited for length, read full description on post #54!
  • COMMON-DENOMINATOR: A little weak on nearby rock resources, but it has everything: Every plant nearby (have to look closely to find the beefberries though–they’re over by some twist-leaf patches, and there’s not a whole lot of wild cobgrain to harvest so you’ll want to farm that soon). Several close-by wrecks to salvage. Lots of gourd patches to harvest. Two close-by meat animal herds, so you’ll be able to dry meat and process leather rather quickly. No nearby nests as far as I’ve seen. Crash zone is very flat with silty soil (not the best, but close), with a good amount of trees to chop. If you’re looking for something easy to start with, this is a good one.
  • POWER-OVERWHELMING: Lands you on top of a flat mountaintop, with a total of 7 scavenging points, and if you rush that nest early the moment you spawn with a gun or two, destroy the nest and claim the carbon nanotubes early on as there is ZERO enemies there! Breakthrough: Chitin Synthetic – Hay Cloths – Hay Sausages – Battery Optimizations – Carbon Armor
  • ALT-CURRENT: You start on a flat plateau with fertile soil, next to a mountain. Great variety of resources by the starting position. Limited supply of graincob (farm it early), otherwise top notch.
  • DRAGON-KING: No early walkins breakthroughs: hay cloth printed components ballon optimization improved laser pistols and improved carbon armor it’s got everything you need plant wise close by plenty of silicon for hope tons of 100% soil tons of rock tons of flat area and some slight hills/canyon at start with a large pond behind start not too far so you have a lot of building options for your playstyle . Also got mech core in few days. In year1 will update Hint: glitter genetics to grow what you can’t ore/stone/leather etc and human cloning mod and you can make one big town or multiple and be able to grow everything you need in my opinion it completes the game and even with service bots you do t get traits so cloning is nice for that.

More Good Seeds

Fuel Fermentation, Printed Components, Meat Printing, Carbon Windmills, +1 other breakthrough.


Fuel Fermentation, Printed Components, Battery Optimization, and Carbon Windmills, +1 other breakthrough.


Fuel Fermentation, Printed Components, Sleep Training, and Carbon Windmills, +1 other breakthrough.


Fuel Fermentation, Printed Components, and Sleep Training, +2 others (without Battery Optimization and/or Carbon Windmills).


Fuel Fermentation, Printed Components, Meat Printing, +2 other breakthroughs (without Sleep Training, Battery Optimization, and/or Carbon Windmills).

  • HARD
  • KENT-06

Fuel Fermentation, Printed Components, Sleep Training, Meat Printing, +1 other breakthrough (without Battery Optimization, Carbon Windmills, and/or Solar Panels).


Fuel Fermentation, Printed Components, Sleep Training, Battery Optimization, and Meat Printing,


Fuel Fermentation, Printed Components, Sleep Training, Battery Optimization, and Graphene Solar Panels,



Where is a list of all the seeds?

There’s no such thing. The seed is just a string of letters — there’s some kind of function that hashes strings into a map (terrain etc.), landing location, and a set of settings such as the possibility of walk-ins, your available breakthroughs, etc. The official accounts here on the forum said there’s a limited set of pre-generated maps that the seed chooses from. The same seed is guaranteed to start the same map.

There are an infinite number of seeds and a finite (but fairly large) number of results, the seed you see generated by the game is just two random words from a safe dictionary with a hyphen between them.

How to recover lost map seed

If you go to %appdata% > Stranded – Alien Dawn > Logs. There’s a whole list of previous data. If you look through these text documents and open them and use CTRL+F and search “Seed” it will show what seeds you have previously used in the file. Hope this helps anyone at all as I was banging my head against the wall trying to find my old seed. If your interested in checking out the seed I was so desperately after it is: WHOLE-SORT on the Saltu map. 

Priority Research topics?

  • Construction basics: unlock Furniture.
  • Lightning rods: prevents lightning damage in Thunderstorms.
  • Weapon Smithing: Crafting Short bows & Spears.

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