Stranded: Alien Dawn – How to Deal with Hummingflies

Strategies to Deal with Hummingflies

First Method

One of the effective method is to build an enclosed balcony. With one entry point and get a stunn pulse rifle. Most of the flies will descend to the height of the opening and group there to shoot into the corridor, where your people with some with pulse rifles canhave them all grouped together, so every shot effectively stuns 15-30 flies. This helped me a lot. So for the moment, pulse rifles for their stun and a balcony with one entry to group at least most of the flies together for the mass stun effect. It is not perfect, you will get hurt and a lot, but you will survive and with far less burns than when facing them in the open area.

Alternative Method

The trick is to build a guard tower in your kill path for all survivors. Not the prebuild tower, but an elevated foundation with fully enclosed and roofed house with wooden windows! Windows are only from the killzone side so whoever wants to attack the crew must either climb to the bunker door or attack from the killzone area.

The most important thing: by having all survivors inside this guardtower before the attack begins – Hummingflies do not enter their beeline fly attack from above (do not fly over even low level walls), but instead remain at 1m altitude and take the path through the killzone maze = you can kill most of them with flamethrowers! Some of them started to fly high once the killzone masacre begun but the quantity was manageable.

This is absolute a key finding for me and for anyone who needs to manage flying hordes!

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