Stranded: Alien Dawn – How to Delete Repetitive Background Sounds

Guide to Delete Repetitive Background Sounds

This guide is for people annoyed by some repetitive background sounds, playing non stop:

  • Sound of the wind near mountains.
  • Birds chirping on a loop.
  • Snakes rattling their tails every 2 seconds.
  • Etc.

I’ll show you here how to delete them.

Locate the Sounds.hpk File

Locate the Sounds.hpk file, containing all the game sounds.

It should be here :

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stranded Alien Dawn\Packs\Sounds.hpk

Keep of copy of this file, so you can revert any potential error.

Extract That File by Using hpk.exe

Extract that file by using hpk.exe from here.

Open the Extracted “Sounds” File

Open the extracted “Sounds” file, then open the “Environment” folder.

Delete all the sounds you dislike in there.

I personnaly deleted all the files beginning with :

  • env_desert-*
  • env_forestlarge*
  • env_forestmontane*
  • env_frogs*
  • env_junglelarge*
  • env_night*
  • env_wind*
  • env_close-reptiles*

Recreate the Updated Sounds.hpk

Recreate the updated Sounds.hpk.

In order to do so, create a *.bat file, just like in the step 2, and place it next to hpk.exe.

Content of this new batch : “hpk.exe create Sounds Sounds.hpk”

Replace the Vanilla Sounds.hpk

Replace the vanilla Sounds.hpk (cf step 1) with the one you created.

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