Street Fighter 6 – All Bread and Butter Combos

In Street Fighter 6, bread and butter combinations (B&Bs) are some of the most crucial things you should learn when choosing a new character. To help you get started right away, we’ve compiled some of the most crucial B&Bs for each character.

For each character in Street Fighter 6, this article serves as a detailed description of some of the best/easiest combinations to use as a backup.

B&B Combos for Each Character

The key we’ll use to shorten different moves in a particular combination is as follows:

  • st – Standing
  • cr – Crouching
  • f – Forward
  • b – Back
  • d – Down
  • u – Up
  • QCB – Quarter Circle Back
  • QCF – Quarter Circle Forward
  • DP – Dragon Punch motion (F,D,DF)
  • LP – Light Punch
  • MP – Medium Punch
  • HP – Heavy Punch
  • LK – Light Kick
  • MK – Medium Kick
  • HK – Heavy Kick
  • PP – Two Punches
  • KK – Two Kicks
  • XX – Cancel move into another


  • c.LK, c.LP xx QCF+KK, QCB+MK


  • j. HK, c.MK xx charge D, U+KK


  • b.MP xx HK, QCF+KK, dp.HK


  • c.HP xx QCB+MP (hold until flash), QCB+LP (hold until flash), QCB+HP


  • s.MP, cr.MP xx QCF+KK, dp.HP


  • s.MP xx s.HP xx KK xx dp.HK, dp.HP

Chun Li

  • c.HP xx QCB+P xx HK, j.MP, (land) dd.KK

Dee Jay

  • s.MK, c.MP, QCB+PP


  • QCF+MK, c.MK, db.HP, HCB+MP


  • j.d+HP, f.HP xx PP


  • j.HK, s.MP, c.MP xx c.MP xx charge d, u.KK

E. Honda

  • s.MP xx QCB+PP, cr.LP xx charge b, f.LP


  • s.HP xx QCF+KK, dd.HP


  • cr.HP xx QCF+PP, f.HK, f.HK


  • QCB+LK x3 to gain stocks, cr.HP xx QCF+MK, cr.MK, QCF+HK


  • j.HP, st.MK xx QCF+LK


  • st.MP xx st.MP xx QCB+PP xx f.MP, df.HP xx df.HP


  • st.HK, st.MP xx s.HP xx QCF+PP, j.MP xx QCB+HK
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