Street Fighter 6 – Zangief Combo / Move List (Character Guide)

The Red Cyclone Zangief is a Ruzzian wrestler who first appeared in Street Fighter 2 and is well-known for his lethal command grabs. With a few grabs and proper timing, you can take your opponent’s life.

He excels in other things as well, though. Zangief possesses powerful standard strikes, several unique maneuvers like the Double Lariat that enable him move forward while dodging projectiles, and even a parry for some assaults like the Tundra Storm.

Zangief: Unique Attacks

MoveCommandWhat It Does
HellstabDown Forward + Medium PunchIt’s a quick attack.
Knee HammerForward + Medium KickIt’s a quick knee.
HeadbuttForward + Heavy PunchIt’s a strong attack.
Cyclone Wheel KickForward + Heavy KickIt’s an overhead.
Smetana DropkickDown Forward + Heavy KickA jumping kick.
Flying Body Press(In the air) Down + Heavy PunchIt’s an aerial slam.
Flying Headbutt(In neutral jump) Up + Heavy PunchIt’s an aerial headbutt.
Machine Gun ChopsMedium Punch, Medium Punch, Medium PunchIt’s a series of strong hits.
Power StompsDown, Down + Medium Kick, Medium Kick, Medium KickIt’s a series of strong kicks.

Zangief: Special Moves

MoveCommandWhat It Does
Double LariatTwo PunchesIt’s a spin attack.
Screw Piledriver360 + (Any) PunchIt’s a command grab.
Borscht Dynamite(In the air) 360 + (Any) KickIt’s a command grab.
Russian Suplex(Near opponent) Half Circle Back + (Any) KickIt’s a command grab.
Siberian Express.(Far from opponent) Half Circle Back + (Any) KickA run that ends with a grab.
Tundra StormDown, Down + Heavy KickIt’s a parry for specific attacks.

Zangief: Super Arts

MoveCommandWhat It Does
Aerial Russian SlamDoble Quarter Circle Forward + (Any) KickIt’s a jumping command grab.
Cyclone LariatDoble Quarter Circle Forward + (Any) PunchIt’s a spinning attack that attracts the enemy and ends with a grab. The spinning part can be held down.
Bolshoi Storm Buster360×2 + (Any) PunchIt’s a close-range command grab that unleashes a cinematic attack.

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