Street Fighter 6 – Marisa Combo / Move List (Character Guide)

Marisa, an Italian designer and fierce warrior, thrives on conflict and discovering opponents that are more powerful than she is. In addition to her frightening height, she also possesses devastating attacks that can be charged as well as others that have armor attached.

As a genuine juggernaut, Marisa might not be as quick as the other characters on the cast or even good in the air. However, Marisa is terrifying on the ground, and with some particular combos, she is capable of doing a ton of damage.

Marisa: Unique Attacks

MoveCommandWhat It Does
Marisa Style(Hold) Heavy Punch or Heavy KickIncreased Heavy attacks.
Light Two HitterLight Punch, Light PunchIt’s a two-hit combo.
Medium Two HitterMedium Punch, Medium PunchIt’s a two-hit combo.
Heavy Two HitterHeavy Punch, Heavy PunchIt’s a two-hit combo.
Volare Combo(In the air) Medium Punch, Medium PunchIt’s a two-hit combo in the air.
Caelum Arc(In neutral jump) Down + Heavy PunchIt’s an aerial punch with a wide range.
Magna BunkerBack + Heavy PunchIt’s a strong attack.
Novacula SwipeForward + Medium Punch, Heavy PunchIt’s a two-hit combo that ends with a low.
Novacula ThurstForward + Medium Punch, Heavy KickIt’s a two-hit combo that ends with a high.
Malleus BreakerDown Forward + Heavy Punch, Down Forward + Heavy PunchIt’s a two-hit combo with overheads.
Falx CrusherForward + Heavy Kick, Forward + Heavy KickIt’s a two-hit combo.

Marisa: Special Moves

MoveCommandWhat It Does
GladiusQuarter Circle Forward + (Any) PunchIt’s a strong punch. It can be held down.
DimachaerusQuarter Circle Back + (Any) Punch, Forward + (Any) PunchIt’s an uppercut with a finisher.
PhalanxDragon Punch + (Any) PunchIt’s an overhead.
QuadrigaQuarter Circle Forward + (Any) KickIt’s a strong kick.
ScutumQuarter Circle Back + (Any) KickIt’s a parry and chance of stance. It can be held down.
Tonitrus(After Scutum) (Any) Punch + (Any) PunchIt’s a two-hit attack.
Procella(After Scutum) (Any) KickIt’s a strong kick.
Enfold(After Scutum) Light Kick + Light PunchIt’s a throw.

Marisa: Super Arts

MoveCommandWhat It Does
Javelin of MarisaDoble Quarter Circle Forward + (Any) PunchIt’s a strong punch attack. It can be held down.
MeteoriteDoble Quarter Circle Back + (Any) PunchIt’s an upper attack.
Goddess of the HuntDoble Quarter Circle Forward + (Any) KickIt’s a close-range punch that unleashes a cinematic attack.

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