Street Fighter 6 – World Tour Slowdowns / Frame Drops

The Reason

After some experimentation, I’ve discovered that the World Tour frame rate issues around China Town and West Metro City seem to be caused by Chanko House Edomon.

The moment you step close enough to it for all the objects around the building to spawn, it causes a massive CPU bottleneck that tanks the frame rate. From about 70fps to 40fps on a Ryzen 5 1600 + GTX 1080.

My best guess is it’s caused by physics calculations for the mass of flags and lanterns out front, which makes me wonder if framerate issues in other places can also be attributed to an overabundance of flags or other physics objects.

Two screenshots taken at low quality graphics settings with Max FPS at 120.

  1. Standing just outside the range of the chanko house.
  2. After taking a step forwards to make all the chanko house flags spawn in.

Also note the huge drop in GPU usage, indicating that the problem is on the CPU.

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