Streets of Rogue – Beginners Tips

Think you made a mistake buying this game? No, you just don’t know how to play that well…yet. This guide gives you some starter tips that will get you well on your way out of the slums.

Tips for Newbies

Basic Tips

When you start a new level, you’re going to have all the control buttons shown to you. This is great so you can memorize the controls early, and you don’t have to go to settings to check.

Don’t Worry About Money

When you play the first levels of the slums, don’t worry about spending money. Most things cost too much and won’t help you at this stage.

In fact, checking most of the machines is just a waste of time right now.

Instead of wasting time and money you don’t have on the various vending machines, look for garbage cans. You’ll either find money or some food or a syringe. The food will give you a health boost so you don’t die. The syringe might do the same, or it could poison you, causing you to lose about 2 health points each second for 5-10 seconds.

Level 1-1 Requirements

You need to get through 5 levels of the slums to get to the industrial area. This guide will focus on how you can do that with 5 different characters so you can begin in the industrial area at each new game start.

First, at each new level of the slums,,,hit Y (this guide uses Xbox controller) to pull up your level requirements.

So for this level, I need to get the item from the chest. How do I do that?

As you can see, the chest is in a locked room in a building. The red door above it is open, but if you go in…the goons there will attack you.

You’re very low level, so you really want to protect your health. That’s why tapping on a window is a good strategy.

By doing this, you draw one of the goons to the window. You can then hit them through the window, taking some of their health. But better, they come running outside to confront you. From there, you can beat them down, and hopefully take their key to the room with the chest. If not, repeat until you pull another goon outside to beat-down.

With the key, I walk into the shop past the goons, open the red door, and then I stop. I can unlock the door, but the camera there will see me, alert the goons, and they will attack me.

I want to avoid this to conserve health. So what do I do?

I need to find the computer that will allow me to turn off the camera, unlock doors, and other things to make this level easier.

So where is it? Chances are good it’s around my next objective. So I head there…and it is!

But it’s gonna be tough getting into the secure building, defeating all the goons, and getting to the computer…which itself is guarded by a camera. Ugh!

So what do you do?

Sometimes, you just have to settle things with your fists…through windows.

I try the same strategy of tapping the window and hitting through it to take a bit of health off the gun-toting goon. He then runs outside. At that point, I run toward some friendly gang members I see standing nearby. The goon mistakenly shoots them, so they attack him.

Well, wouldn’t you know? The poor goon dies, and I get the reward: his gun and some money!

Now it’ll be a lot easier to invade that goon-house, shooting up the baddies, and getting to that computer…and my second level 1-1 objective.

With both objectives complete, I can go to the elevator to level 1-2.

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